The Sfoglina Family, Deeply Rooted in Tradition


Fabio Trabocchi’s fondest memory of being in the kitchen as a child was watching his father make fresh pasta by hand every Sunday on the family pasta table - the very same table where the family would gather to dine, was “engineered” for the Italian love of pasta making. This table is our inspiration for Sfoglina, and you can find it in the restaurant today.

Sfogline, who are the masters of pasta making in Italy, were influential to Fabio as a young cook. From them he learned the craft.

Sfogline are maternal figures in the culture of Italian cooking.

"Sfogline treated me like a son and taught me how to be a gentleman, how to polish my shoes, how to iron my shirt, and how to talk to ladies ..." - Fabio



Fabio & Maria Trabocchi

Owners, FABIO Trabocchi RestaurantS

Fabio and Maria Trabocchi are a dynamic duo in Washington DC’s restaurant scene, driven by hospitality, quality and authenticity. They founded Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants in 2011, which today includes Fiola, Casa Luca, Fiola Mare, Sfoglina and the newest addition, Del Mar, opening at The Wharf Fall/Winter 2017. Their deeply-rooted respect for hard work and family tradition forms the moral and cultural foundation of their lives and work. Restaurants have been their way of life since they met in Washington in the '90s. Fabio’s expertise and pursuit of perfection paired with Maria’s natural style, beauty, and grace is a winning combination.

Erin Clarke.png

Erin Clarke

executive chef

Born and raised in Fairfax County, Virginia, Erin studied finance, risk management and English literature at Virginia Tech. Her culinary education at Paris’ renowned L’Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi was the starting point for her voyage into the world of food. She was able to study and work under 3-Michelin star chef Alain Passard of L’Arpège, inspired by his quest for perfection and commitment to self-managing the production of his own vegetables, herb and fruits. It was at L’Arpège where she was first exposed to sous vide and low temperature cooking techniques. Her first encounter with Italian cuisine was during her time at Maestro, where she was able to blend her classic French training with soulful Italian traditions, learning everything from fresh pasta-making to whole animal butchery. She followed Trabocchi to New York City to open Fiamma, where she served as sous chef. Erin has also worked as a food and nutrition educator for kids and families at several nonprofit organizations including the Food Bank of Charleston, New York’s City Harvest, and the Children’s Aid Society, before returning to Washington and the restaurant kitchen as a sous chef at Fiola, spending time at Casa Luca, and now returning to work with Chef Fabio at Sfoglina Van Ness.

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Thanwa Sultan


Thanwa joined Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants in October 2017 as a captain at Del Mar,  and she brought her hospitality experience to Sfoglina as a restaurant manager. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Thanwa has worked with heads of function at multiple Fortune 500 companies. She has always followed her service motto that an exceptional captain is one who sells a story and serves an experience, and she says that she gets the most joy from creating an exceptional experience for her guests  - something that made her fall in love with the hospitality industry. When Thanwa isn't at Sfoglina, she can be found taking part in volunteer work in medical and legal interpreting.