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Because Pasta Never Sleeps!

Coming to Rosslyn in Spring 2019


Viva La Pasta!



{ sfoal-yee-nah } noun

Sfoglina is a Fabio Trabocchi Restaurant and is named for the female artisans and Italian cultural icons that carry on the tradition of rolling sheets of pasta by hand with a rolling pin, a technique passed through the generations.


CHEF FABIO Trabocchi

"Happiness is a bowl of pasta made with love."


New Year, New You!
January is Maria Menu Month

The Maria Menu is our three-course Lunch menu inspired by Maria Trabocchi’s personal commitment to better health and guided by the Mediterranean diet. The Maria Menu features fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and is low in fat, sodium, and sugar. As part of our Maria Menu Month promotion during January, we are also providing a complimentary glass of locally-produced Craft Kombucha with the Maria Menu at lunch, which is now only $26!

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