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{ sfoal-yee-nah } noun

Sfoglina is a Fabio Trabocchi Restaurant and is named for the female artisans and Italian cultural icons that carry on the tradition of rolling sheets of pasta by hand with a rolling pin, a technique passed through the generations.


CHEF FABIO Trabocchi

"Happiness is a bowl of pasta made with love."


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Pasta Classes

The Art of Making Pasta with award-winning Sfoglina Simonetta Capotondo

Select Saturday afternoons

In our series of hands-on pasta classes, participants will learn how to make fresh Italian pasta in the traditional method, with a board and rolling pin. Each class will also cover pasta ingredients and tools, techniques of mixing and rolling the dough, shaping various forms of pasta, and the best ways to store fresh pasta. The classes also include a pasta tasting and participants will take home their pasta creations.

Limited to 12 guests per class.

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